One of a kind, every time

Tradition, it’s something we cherish at Marugame Udon—our very name steeped in the rich history of Marugame, Japan, a hidden gem dedicated to the ancient art of crafting hearty, flavourful Sanuki style udon noodles and complementing them with savory Dashii broths and sauces.

It’s this unforgettable base that creates the warm heart of all our dishes, and the welcoming spirit of Japan that our master of handmade Udon, Chef Aki Matsuo, yearned to share with each bite. Chef Aki personally oversees the training that goes in to the meticulous and beautiful artistry behind each noodle, kneaded from the highest quality imported flour and aged delicately in a climate controlled environment, visitors to Marugame Udon have the pleasure of viewing this age-old craft through our exhibition-style kitchen—layers of Japanese tradition expertly rolled, cut, and boiled before your eyes. Whether it’s our signature Nikutama Udon bowl’s specially selected sweet beef, or our hand battered tempura fried to light, golden perfection, we’re bringing the hospitality and transparency of Japanese street food overseas for the first time.

That’s why you can be sure that every dish at Marugame Udon is made by partners specially trained by Chef Aki, the spirit of Japanese culture woven into each morsel, with affordable options whether you’re dining in, ordering carry-out or through our many delivery partners. Like a calming chant from Kotohira Shrine or a crisp mountain breeze blowing off Mount Iino, our greatest joy is bringing a small piece of that culture to the table, each item inspired by the rich history of Japan and prepared before your eyes. A truly one of a kind experience, every time you’re with us.